Mergers & Acquisitions

We focus on deal execution so you can focus on what matters most

Businesses may decide to pursue the acquisition of another company for numerous reasons, including to achieve their growth goals.

Our focus is on identifying highly accretive opportunities and unlocking the value that can be found in “off-market” or “not for sale” companies. While many buyers are familiar with popular business listing platforms, we take a counter approach when engaging with a client. Rather than competing for the same businesses as other buyers, we utilize our proven methodology of identifying companies not currently for sale, thus allowing you, the client, to engage with the target without having to compete with numerous other buyers.

Our value-add buy-side M&A services mean we take a holistic approach when assisting our clients, involving:

  • Developing a thesis for the transaction and the target criteria
  • Evaluating capital needs to fund the transaction and advising on optimal debt/equity stack
  • Generating a high-level business valuation for internal discussions
  • Creating executive summaries, pitch decks, or marketing materials as needed
  • Developing a comprehensive prospect list for outreach
  • Conducting presentations to position the company’s story to potential targets
  • Managing and reporting all communications with potential targets
  • Establishing a virtual data room and overseeing the due diligence process
  • Negotiating with targets on structure, timing, pricing, and potential financing terms
  • Facilitating communications with third party advisors and closing of a transaction
  • Strategic Planning
  • Jointly establish an acquisition plan between advisors and client, aligned with company strategy.
  • Assess management readiness of strategic acquisition plan and shore-up potential deficits.
  • Assess Financial Readiness
  • Gauge financial readiness in both debt and equity for executing on desired transaction types and sizes. Source any shortfalls in debt and equity from various capital sources outside client core company and contacts.

How our M&A process delivers value added

Our team is fully engaged with our clients, from initital engagement to final divestment.

Align M&A Criteria

Create an ideal target profile based on stringent, pre-arranged screening questions from the initial strategy session. Be prepared to tweak as needed based on market feedback, understanding that flexibility may be required.

Research Target Industry

Implement detailed research plan for the global metrics and individual company targets within the sector of choice. Use findings to build the ideal target profile for both on and off-market opportunities.

Target List Building

Build custom target list based on pre-determined strategic profile and general industry analysis and research.